Thursday, October 14, 2010


When 4.0 first went live and I was able to test out my dps unbuffed on a target dummy, I was pleased to find that overall it wasn't as abysmal as many others claimed it would be.  Albeit this was on a target dummy and there were a number of other factors that were not taken into consideration, I assumed that I could factor my results on the dummy into other situations (like any  player normally would) and be able to conclude upon my plausible dps performance in 5 man and raid settings.  This however was not the case.  I mean before 4.0 target dummies were basically for practicing rotations which lead to trying to optimize one’s dps.  So how could I be faulted to assume that as a result of playing with other players who brought more buffs (and debuffs in some cases) my dps would definitely increase considerably like it did before 4.0.  

Boy was I wrong.

I don't know if its because a lot of the buffs have been consolidated so that there are really only a couple of buffs that would be useful  for any one player’s role, or if feral dps really does suck at the moment (as well as other melee classes),  but for whatever reason when I got into a 25 VoA yesterday my dps barely increased by 1k.  I mean there was every possible class/spec present in the raid (even the ever reclusive enhancement shammy which are pretty scarce on my server) so I can assume that I had most if not every player buff possible to have in game.  

Call it qq’ing if you will but for other classes (locks and mages) to do ridiculous dps quite effortlessly in equal or less awesome gear and for me to barely do half of that does seem a bit ridiculous.  I’m not one to get on forums and complain but I’m guessing that many players did because blizz announced that they would be doing more balancing to dps classes.  I'm not sure if it will go into affect on live or if they were referring to the beta (I’m pretty sure they were talking about on live though) but hopefully it will be a welcome change.  Everyone knows that the patch was not really intended for level 80 characters in that a lot of the game mechanics that were introduced in the patch were meant to be balanced around a toon at level 85.  This I know...I mean really... but you still have to take into consideration that we still have to pay for a subscription for the next few months until Cataclysm and who wants to pay to do something they aren't getting enjoyment out of.  And that's what dps’ers do.  When we select that role we don't spend time tightening up our rotations and getting better gear with hopes of increasing our performance to end up doing crap dps.  DKS  has an interesting post on dps (trash dps to be specific but its still interesting) with a few points that I agree with and I’m pretty sure every other dps will as well.  Yes we know that a good dps also has raid awareness and knows when to be on the right target at the right time but ultimately that's all stuff that’s for the good of the raid.  It guarantees the raids success and makes the game more interesting.  But at the end of the day any toon with the role of dps will wonder if they topped the charts are not or at least if they were in top 5/10.  I don’t want to be OP or anything but I don’t want to be gimped either.   

Fortunately, the changes to healing specs are nice because they just change up the way we heal to get decent output.  I’ll probably get into that more when I actually get around to healing something lol.


  1. There was a blue post today... somewhere... that they are going to fix the DPS discrepancy between ranged (overpowered) and melee (underpowered). Whee?

  2. Ya I saw. I was happy to see when I tested it out that they improved feral dps. From the looks of it they increased the bleed damage of rip and rake by a lot :)