Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Down Time

By this point a lot of people have already seen most of the endgame content of the expansion and are biding time until cataclysm comes out. I find myself in a similar situation as I have cleared ICC 10 and most of ICC 25 man on my main.

I'm more of a casual player than hardcore so I have gotten to see most of the content by filling spots in people's regular 10 or 25 man groups mainly because I can do that at my leisure (also because of my mad skills that people tend to recognize... jk ).  

I often find myself doing this because the guild runs that are scheduled tend to deviate from the times I'm actually available. This doesn't really bother me much because I enjoy the people in my guild and I like to be available for help so I stick around regardless.

As of late my primary focus has been to get my 2nd druid and my dk to 80 which I accomplished few days ago. My main goal now is to get their professions leveled and gear them up a bit.

My second druid will be main specced Boomkin and off specced tank. I don't think he'll be tanking anytime soon though because while it can be viewed as kind of pointless to gear up any toon right now due to the approaching expansion, it's rather ludicrous to try and do that and acquire a second set of gear. Of course because I have so much experience as a druid I already know how to tank so there shouldn't be too much of a learning curve besides getting used to the new abilities that will be available soon. 

My dk will be DW frost dps for main spec and for off spec I haven't really decided yet. I have no clue how to tank with him right now so that will definitely take some research on my part. Also as previously stated it would be kind of pointless to try and get a second set of gear when I'm still working on his first set. I really enjoy playing as frost dps because I like the skill that's required to play it (like feral dps) and I just think frost dk's are cool.  

Hopefully I'll be able to get both toons in to ICC some time before the expansion ships until then most of my playtime consists of farming and sitting in LFG.  Bigbody will be doing the same as well to try in an effort to build up his bank lol.

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