Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Reason there needs to be a WoW version of AA

With the start of classes and all, I've been really busy getting situated so I decided that I would take a short break from WoW.  After looking over my schedule for the next few weeks I told myself that I wouldn't play.  I wouldn't until I reached a point where I could play comfortably  and not feel stressed because I knew there were more pertinent things that I  should be attending to i.e. grad school apps and things like that.  I told myself this to help me be proactive because I figured the less distractions I had the more proactive I would be.  But in all honesty though, there is always something to do and I am so easily distracted so I in fact would never not be busy enough to feel comfortable to play for whatever allotted time.

Well I was proactive for a couple of weeks then I gave in and renewed my subscription to hop back in to game play.  Oh yea did I mention that I made my resolution at about the end of August/ beginning of September and I renewed my subscription officially towards the end of September.  So I didn't do too badly.  But what can I say, I can’t stay away.  Lol, and during the time that I suspended my account purposely (because I figured that would help me stay less distracted) I couldn't help but stay up to date on all the cataclysm changes (this definitely was counterproductive to me avoiding being distracted).  I'm sure most who are interested already check stuff like that out but I think I'll post some stuff here as well as I see fit.  On that note stay tuned! :)            

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