My Relevance to This Blog

Let’s see.   Well I’m currently 23 years old and I’m sort of a recent graduate but I’m sort of not because I haven’t been out a full year yet.  Regardless of how long I’ve been out, I plan on going back for grad school within the next year or 2.  I actually first started playing WoW the summer of 2006 when I downloaded the trial version and got hooked because of the N. Elf starting zone.  Unfortunately I didn’t continue after the trial because at the time I didn’t have any intentions of paying for a subscription to play a game.  I don’t remember how but a year later I decided to come back to WoW to actually start a paid game account and I’ve been playing ever since. 
My first toon was a druid because I started off partial to casters and besides priests; druids were the only caster option available for night elves.  I leveled Bigbody (my druid main) all the way to 70 as balance and then switched to resto to be a guild healer.  Because of school and real life I didn’t do too much end game raiding except for Kara and Gruul’s but I was passionate enough to learn how to play my char effectively at my level and I’d have to say I turned out to be a pretty decent healer. At 70 I also respecced feral from time to time to grind and farm.  Level 70 was also the time I decided to level another druid because I missed playing as a Boomkin (my second druid is on the brink of hitting 80 so Ill currently have two druids; one resto/feral kitty and the other balance/ eventually feral tank).  He sat on the back burner for a while though because I didn’t devote a lot of time to alts.
I pre- ordered Wrath and everything but I didn’t install it when it was shipped because of finals so I actually took like a month hiatus before I got back to playing.  I focused on leveling Big to 80 which surprisingly didn’t take too long.  I was able to get in time to play sparingly between school and my life. Flash forward a bit and now Bigbody is resto/feral kitty (I really really enjoy feral dps, probably more so than resto healing) and a 10-man Kingslayer with fairly decent gear for both specs.  My second druid (Mizzleman) and my frost dk (Krownroyale) are both 79.  There really isn’t much reason for me to be playing right now technically since I’ve seen the endgame content and Cataclysm should be coming out soon but like most addictions you are so caught up in the euphoria of the experience that you rarely care to notice the need to stop or realize that going on doesn’t warrant any extra success in life.  Funny thing is, I can’t wait for new expansions to become equally addicted to.  Thanks Blizz.  For being my “supplier”
I'm not sure if people will take my blog title and intro to heart and think I actually have a problem but in case anyone does I’ll go ahead and put their minds at ease.  While I really really really enjoy the game and from time to time may end up playing it instead of doing something I'm supposed to be doing, I can honestly say that it doesn't control my life and I haven't had any negative experiences (nor life altering) due to my playing WoW.   Truth of the matter is I enjoy videogames of any sort and I spend probably just as much time playing Halo (btw Reach is awesome) or any other console title as I do playing WoW.  The only difference is that I may invest more time into a singular setting but even then its nothing too outrageous.  With that said I love hanging out, enjoying life and other things.  For me, WoW is actually my only addiction considering how long I've been playing it and the time I've invested in it compared to other games.  Lol and I know a few people who would probably knock me into Azeroth if I neglected real life and my real life obligations for WoW anyways.

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