Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cataclysm Professions: A Whole New Grind

With Cataclysm fast approaching there are many things to look forward to and be excited about.  I realized a few days ago that one of the things I am personally looking forward to is going into this expansion with 3 max level toons from the previous expansion.  With three level 80’s I will be able to enjoy three different leveling and gaming experiences.  Another plus is that I can start off leveling 6 different professions at the start of an expansion to capitalize on whatever profits there are to be gained!  

My main character remained an alchemist/herbalist throughout BC and Wrath and will continue to practice alchemy and herbalism in Cata.  I’ve always wanted to have several toons with different professions to become a little more self sufficient but I’ve never been up for leveling more toons to max level until recently.  Towards the end of Wrath I leveled another druid as an enchanter/inscriptionist and a death knight as a jewelcrafter/miner.  I believe all of their professions are maxed out as of now except for maybe my enchanting.  I don’t know if its nerdy of me but I’m really extra ecstatic about leveling these toons the more I think about it.  I definitely plan on posting some sort of leveling guide for each of the professions eventually but for now I’d like to share why I look forward to leveling these professions starting with alchemy.

First off, alchemists are getting their own craftable mount with Vial of the Sands!  The Vial of the Sands mount will transform the player into a sandstone drake which will allow the alchemist to carry an ally on their back.  Best mount ever! (take that magic carpet...jk lol).  We will also get a new epic version of the alchemist stone in the Lifebound Alchemist Stone.  Here are some of the consumables and transmutes that alchemists will get as well.




Come Cataclysm enchanters will be able to craft a new companion.  The Enchanted Lantern will be for Horde and the Magic Lamp will be for Alliance.  Both seem to be relatively easy to make and should be craftable fairly soon after enchanting is maxed as I’m pretty sure all the mats will have been farmed by then from simply leveling the profession.  If you haven't all ready go and take a look at the new particle effects for the weapon enchants because they are spectacular.  You can view them hereAnd without further ado here are the enchants that will be available in Cata.  

Weapon enchants:

Armor enchants:

Ring enchants:

Inscription seems to be the same this time around with the exception of a couple of new interesting items and  a few random craftable items that seem to serve no purpose other than to amuse.  There will be new glyphs, inks, and scrolls as well as off-hand items.  There will of course also be the shoulder enchants that are better than the shoulder enchants which are faction rewarded and an epic caster relic.  


What can I say...I’m really happy to have a JC at the start of an expansion.  Hopefully jewelcrafting/mining will continue to be every bit of the cash cow as it has been in previous expansions.  Cheers to me!

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